BARBANEL Middle East SAL assists his clients in choosing the type of HVAC system that fit to the type of building with the best efficiency and comfort level.

BARBANEL Middle East SAL is using Modern cooling and heating load calculation software that are important tools to achieve the above, recently we upgraded our  software in order to run thermal models for buildings, energy consumption and optimization of operating and running costs.

BARBANEL Middle East SAL have full capabilities to design all type of fire suppression system in accordance with the well known national and international standards, all to protect lives and properties against any risk of fire.

The sanitary installations give life to different areas in buildings by circulating water and evacuating used water generated by the users of buildings.

Much of the plumbing work in populated areas is regulated by government due to the direct impact on the public health, safety, and welfare also for water saving.

At BARBANEL Middle East s.a.l we design the Plumbing installations in all our projects according to plumbing and building codes for each country.

As the Buildings and Malls become Taller and Larger, BARBANEL Middle East SAL offers a wide range of the vertical transportation consulting services in different fields: Commercial, Educational, Health care, Public transportation, Governmental buildings, Residential, Office buildings, etc.


BARBANEL Middle East SAL is designing for all buildings in this area a 100% replacement power plant that reach sometime 20 MVA per project in order to insure continuity of services in case of power failure in the grid.

For specific buildings like Banks, office building, hospitals, data center, Uninterrupted Power Sources (UPS) are designed to insure a continuous power for all servers, PC’s and security/ safety installed material.

All necessary and essential installations are designed to be powered from UPS or generator sets to insure the safety and security of the building, and to add comfort in buildings in case of losing the normal electrical power supply.

BARBANEL Middle East SAL is the pioneer in designing integrated building management systems that deliver major benefits, and allow sharing information between all buildings responsible.

The designed systems since 1993 in different projects in Lebanon and Middle East are still performing and some of them has been upgraded easily to join other building in a campus or to share with other Buildings in other cities.

For big and complex buildings a Building Management System (BMS) is proposed by our specialist to manage every technical installation and to communicate with all equipments installed in the building in order to keep records of log sheets and historical data bank for all equipment of status which will facilitate the operation and maintenance of the building during its entire life time.

BARBANEL Middle East SAL gives great importance in designing the safety of all buildings by applying the related codes in the country of designed buildings.

The design of security is adapted to each kind of building (Residential, Office Building, Bank Headquarters, Embassy, Mall, Hotel, etc…), and implemented in close collaboration with our Client and their security agents.

Barbanel’s team has specialist engineers in sustainable and energy conservation to design and get certifications for projects from LEED; BREEAM; HQE etc…